Monday, 18 February 2013

My Day at Fashion Week

Okay so Yesterday I decided I would go up to London to the Mulberry show because Lana Del Rey was supposed to be making an appearance (and I am a big fan of her). I have never been to London During fashion week and I was so excited to just see the guest's outfits and the atmosphere of it all.

So I got to Claridge's Hotel where the Mulberry show was being held and there were loads of people there with cameras photographing everyone that walked past in their chic outfits in bold and vibrant colours; it was amazing. The entrance to the hotel looked beautiful and I loved the overall butterfly and flower theme.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see any famous arrivals but I waited until after the show where Anna Wintour made her escape to her Black Bentley (at least I think it was a Bentley).

Then I saw Alexa Chung and the recently named 'Model of the Year'; Cara Delevingne who got a massive amount of attention from the paparazzi and fans!

(all photos above where taken by me)

Finally I saw Juno Temple going back into the hotel which was pretty awesome, I love her work and she looked amazing in an all red Pantsuit.

Here are some photos of their outfits from inside the show:

(Above Photos from

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see or meet Lana Del Rey because she went backstage after the show.

I will be going back to London tomorrow to experience more of London Fashion Week so stay tuned for some more blog posts!

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